J'avais laissé tout ça de côté, mais ces derniers temps j'ai ressenti un fort besoin de revenir à l'écriture, non pas que pour moi, mais aussi à l'écriture partagée, ici même, dans un espace mi-privé, mi-public. Privé car c'est mon espace à moi, j'y partage ce que je veux, quand je le souhaite. Pas de… Lire la suite Revenir

White mood


Winter is coming and all we want is enjoy long walks and cocooning.. isn't it? The colors are bright outside but I am obsessed with white interiors. These weeks I collected a few pictures of very inspiring home styling, and they all includes white : white walls, white coaches, white furnitures... but I like it… Lire la suite White mood

When in Amsterdam..


When in Amsterdam .. 4 pictures exposing the best sides of the city.   Amsterdam at night Did you see "Midnight in Paris", from Woody Allen? Well, this picture makes me think about it. Amsterdam particularly reveals its beauty at night, and it is wonderful to see it from a (tourist) boat. Just open the… Lire la suite When in Amsterdam..

Fashion Recycling Week

This year and for the first time, a different fashion week took place in the UK. The first "Fashion Recycling Week" was organized in several cities, including London. On this occasion, H&M ran a special action by asking people to bring their old clothes in store, in order to recycle them. After the launch of… Lire la suite Fashion Recycling Week

Fashion in movies : Woody Allen

Woody Allen's movies have always been along my favorites. He creates such amazing universes, sometimes magical, but always quite realistic. He always shows the best of every city he is shooting in: Barcelona, Paris, London.. and the characters are conceived along his particular and often cynical vision of life. Something I noticed, and love, is… Lire la suite Fashion in movies : Woody Allen

Provence, j’oublie tout

A glimpse of South of France where I just spent the most perfect 10 days. Amazing nature, colors and the cutest shops. Wine was not bad either 😉 Un petit aperçu de Provence, où j'ai passé un séjour plus que parfait durant le mois de juillet. La nature y est superbe, les couleurs flamboyantes et… Lire la suite Provence, j’oublie tout


(Update) I just discovered two new great accounts that I am adding to the list : @thelinenyc for amazing pictures, videos, fashion and objects. And @alwayssssleep because we all love to sleep 🙂 Recently, I have spent more and more time going up and down my Instagram newsfeed. Or, would I say, I have lost more… Lire la suite Insta-love

Bonbons, caramels et photographie

Wouah. J'ai récemment découvert le blog de la merveilleuse Linda Lomelino. Linda est une jeune photographe et auteur de livres de cuisine, et elle vaut, sans hésitation, le détour. Aviez-vous déjà entendu parler de nourriture sublimée par la photographie ? On a tous vu au moins un reportage sur l'obtention du hamburger parfait en vue… Lire la suite Bonbons, caramels et photographie

Voyage : la petite merveille d’Abu Dhabi

Today, let's go to Abu Dhabi where I recently had the chance to discover the Great Mosque of Cheik Zayed during a trip to United Arab Emirates. In terms of beauty, this building has simply astonished me. This really is a must-see if you go to Abu Dhabi. Funny Fact : usually, when abroad, we… Lire la suite Voyage : la petite merveille d’Abu Dhabi