La vie ordinaire

la vie ordinaire Adèle van Reeth

Je viens de terminer de lire « la vie ordinaire » d’Adèle Van Reeth, écrivaine, philosophe et depuis peu directrice de France Inter. Elle nous livre un essai sur l'ordinaire et sa difficulté à appréhender positivement tout ce qui compose la vie quotidienne, le banal, les petits tracas et conversations insipides. Essai qu'elle jalonne de témoignages très… Lire la suite La vie ordinaire


When in Amsterdam..


When in Amsterdam .. 4 pictures exposing the best sides of the city.   Amsterdam at night Did you see "Midnight in Paris", from Woody Allen? Well, this picture makes me think about it. Amsterdam particularly reveals its beauty at night, and it is wonderful to see it from a (tourist) boat. Just open the… Lire la suite When in Amsterdam..

Fashion in movies : Woody Allen

Woody Allen's movies have always been along my favorites. He creates such amazing universes, sometimes magical, but always quite realistic. He always shows the best of every city he is shooting in: Barcelona, Paris, London.. and the characters are conceived along his particular and often cynical vision of life. Something I noticed, and love, is… Lire la suite Fashion in movies : Woody Allen

Voyage : la petite merveille d’Abu Dhabi

Today, let's go to Abu Dhabi where I recently had the chance to discover the Great Mosque of Cheik Zayed during a trip to United Arab Emirates. In terms of beauty, this building has simply astonished me. This really is a must-see if you go to Abu Dhabi. Funny Fact : usually, when abroad, we… Lire la suite Voyage : la petite merveille d’Abu Dhabi