Queen A Hotel – Antwerp

Antwerp is a charming flemish city in Belgium where you can shop all day, go to museums and see beautiful architecture. Or eat very well in trendy restaurants – Antwerp really is a perfect city.

I don’t live very far from it but it is always nice to sleep over for a small getaway weekend. This time, we discovered an hotel that I will not forget.

Queen A Antwerp is a brand new hotel (it has opened in december 2016), has a nice location (very near to the station) and especially, is so beautifuly decorated.

Frames everywhere, cushions, wood chairs : it is modern and cosy at the same time. I didn’t ask if I could buy any of the decor pieces (since it is called a “boutique hotel”, maybe yes?) but I would have to buy everything and that would have been a problem for my wallet 🙂

Plus, it has a nice bar/restaurant in the hotel to enjoy a good glass of wine and a plate of tapas before going to dinner, and a yummy breakfast the next day – you can make your own waffles !

I would definitely recommend it.

Take a look :


Iphone pictures :




ROOM detail






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