White mood

Winter is coming and all we want is enjoy long walks and cocooning.. isn’t it? The colors are bright outside but I am obsessed with white interiors. These weeks I collected a few pictures of very inspiring home styling, and they all includes white : white walls, white coaches, white furnitures… but I like it with touch of colors to cheer the room a bit. This is actually what I am trying to do in my own place but it may not be as perfect as the pictures below.

I think it feels so good to live in a space based on white. First, it makes the room look bigger, but it also procures a feeling of calm and relaxation. I love it the most when it is mixed with wood – scandinavian style. Despite that scandinavian style is really trending these days, I don’t think I could get tired of it. And it will always be a good base to a home decor because you can personalized it to the infinite.

My dream home would be all white based with wood furnitures, filled with objects and art pieces from travels, gifts and discoveries. A mix between old and new. I like the term « cabinet of curiosities » to describe it. It makes the place feel unique and plenty of surprises.

And if there is a fireplace, that’s even better ! It gives so much character and if it is a little bit old fashion and heavy, it can be scary at first but it will just bring a special touch that will make your home special, like on picture 2 and 3.

What is your favorite ? And how would you describe your dream home?

Pictures are from Pinterest (1 & 2), Garance Doré (2 and 3) and Honestly WTF (4 & 5)




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