Travel diary : Capri

Travel tips and diary : Capri

Last summer, I had the chance to discover the beautiful island of Capri.

In July, we made a two weeks trip in Italy and also visited Roma, Napoli, Ischia and Amalfi, but today I would like to focus on Capri which was my big hit of those two weeks.

I was afraid that the island of Capri would be overcrowded in July and that we couldn’t really enjoy it in the middle of tons of tourists. Surprisingly, it was not so much the case. If you avoid the harbor and the city center, you will discover quiet places and nice walkings as well as hidden beaches. I only spent two days there but will certainly go back !

One night in Capri

Our hotel was near the harbor because we booked quite late and also because everything else was so expensive. But it was far enough from the boats and ferries to not be bothered by the noise, and so close to the sea! The terrace of the room was huge and we had a great view.


Capri houses

Capri is a place of choice for movies. “Le mépris” from Jean-Paul Godart was shot in an amazing house in Capri and we had the chance to see it during our walk around the island. The construction is futurist, colorful and original. You can easily imagine yourself climbing the steps after a boat promenade, Brigitte Bardot style 🙂


I also fell in love with that big white house overlooking the sea. You can see washed clothes drying under the sun – people are actually living there (so lucky!) – and I couldn’t help but taking a picture of this perfect summer vacation scene.


Capri Views

This is why I loved Capri the most : the views are amazing. One can look at it for hours, and the huge number of boats just chilling there is impressive as well.


Beaches in Capri

As I said, the best beaches in Capri are the hidden ones. I knew the one called “The Fontelina” by seeing it on Gray Malin‘s photographs. I had to see it in real so we went down all the stairs that lead to this almost secret place. I was so childishly happy to see the small blue umbrellas that characterized the Fontelina. Less fun to climb all the stairs back !




Last thing : there is, just next to Capri, on the same Island, its neighbor called “Anacapri”. Its interest lies in the view that you get on top of Anacapri, because you really are at the top of the entire island. If you don’t fancy to walk in the heat for one hour, you can use a cable car that will take you straight away. In all cases, it is worth it !


To conclude, you may hear all sort of things about Capri but I would tell you to give it a try. The best advice is to take a good walk around and don’t fear to climb a little bit 😉

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