Plum’s Pudding on Instagram

Plum’s Pudding was not updated for a while but goods news, Plums’ pudding is now on instagram !

I find it easier and faster to update an instagram account and, even when the time is missing, I will try to (re)post at least one picture a day. I see more and more this social media as an inspirational and artistic platform and found some really nice accounts lately. Occasionally, you will find some of my own pictures too.

Hereunder,some of the latest publications on @plumspudding :

Capture d’écran 2016-04-16 à 15.19.33

  1. The sun setting in Goa, by Rich Stapleton –
  2. Black and White succulent, by Alessandra d’Urso – 
  3. The perfect summer 16 look, found on 
  4. Positano beach by Gray Malin –
  5. White elephant, Mario Testino book, by myself !
  6. Max Ernst Painting, found on @therow –

If you want more, follow 🙂



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