All I want for Christmas

deliciously-ella f15-dwell-clarke-black-mattandnat &otherstories-bra garance-doré-livre liquidambar-dyptiqueYves-Saint-Laurent-Touche-Eclat jo-malone-parfum

Christmas is getting very very close and if you still need an idea for a loved one (or for you), here is a quick list of gifts that I would really like to find under my Christmas tree.

  1. Deliciously Ella’s book : if you are looking for perfect and healthy recipes for every day. For anyone who is running out of ideas when it comes to dinner but want to eat well and healthy, and also for veggies who are looking for original and delicious alternatives  to animal proteins.
  2. Matt and Natt vegan bag : if you want a great bag, looking like leather, but actually not in leather. This Canadian brand is producing bags, shoes and accessories completely vegan but still looking amazing (we all know it doesn’t always go together). For anyone with great tastes, looking for alternatives to leather.
  3. Lingerie (& other stories) : because it always pleases a girl. For any girl close enough to get lingerie from you.
  4. Love x Style x Life : THE book from Garance Doré aka THE blogger. If you want to be inspired, and if you too, you want to be a Garance when you get older. For any blogger, blogger to be, blogger admirer.
  5. Dyptique Candle : the famous candles are getting dressed up this Christmas for the pleasure of our eyes, and our nose. For everyone, from the Grand-mother to the new girlfriend of the brother.
  6. Yves-Saint-Laurent touche-éclat : if I could choose any beauty product, I would choose this one. It illuminates, it embellishes, it make you look like you nearly slept enough. For all the active women who want to shine.
  7. Jo Malone fragrances : they all smell like heaven and you can mix them together to smell like nobody else but you. For both women and men who want to change from the usual perfumes brands.

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